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RTNDA pushing copter issue

The Radio-Television News Directors Association on Tuesday again formally asked the Federal Aviation Administration why news helicopters have not been allowed to fly in 30 major markets.

"Although I and other news media representatives have held discussions with agency officials concerning the agency's ban . we have not received substantive information as to why news helicopters are being treated differently," wrote attorney Edward Faberman on behalf of RTNDA.

Other types of private aircraft have been given permission to fly in all markets except New York, Boston and Washington. The FAA grounded helicopters, small planes, blimps and other "aircraft-for-hire" after Sept. 11, and have only recently allowed them to fly again.

Approximately 125 news helicopters have not been able to fly for the past six weeks, while commercial helicopter flights are allowed.

RTNDA President Barbara Cochran also plans this week to send a letter to the White House posing these questions.
- Paige Albiniak