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RTNDA lobbying for news copters

Barbara Cochran, president of the Radio-Television News Directors
Association, plans this week to ask the White House to let news choppers return
to the air.

News helicopters remain grounded in the top-30 markets
even though most other small aircraft - including other types of commercial
helicopters - can fly in all U.S. cities except New York, Boston and Washington,
D.C., according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The government grounded helicopters, small planes, blimps and other "aircraft-for-hire" after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and have only recently allowed some of them to fly again.

The FAA will not explain why news helicopters are grounded, saying only that the information is classified.

The RTNDA has been leading the fight in Washington to get news choppers back in the sky. - Paige Albiniak