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Rockefeller Concerned About TV Content and Kids

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller said Wednesday (July 15) that he remained concerned about TV content and kids.

That was at the nomination hearing for the two remaining FCC commission openings.

He didn't take long to demonstrate that concern.

Late in the day, the committee announced it had scheduled a hearing for July 22 entitled "Rethinking the Children's Television Act For a Digital Media Age".

It was not clear what parts of the act he would be rethinking.

The Children's TV Act was passed in 1990 and established, among other things, that broadcasters had to supply three hours a week of educational and informational children's TV programming per week, including for each of their digital multicast channels.

The act also dealt with advertising limits in kids programming, an issue that Rockefeller also has a keen interest in. In 2006, he offered an amendment to a telecommunications bill that would have prevented the interactive commercial matter, made possible in a digital world, to be placed in or around kids shows .