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Roblox Show Coming to Kartoon From Genius Brands and Tankee

Genius Brands Roblox Kartoon Channel!
(Image credit: Genius Brands)

Genius Brands International said it is working with Tankee Inc. to develop a new Roblox series that will appear exclusively on Genius Brands’ streaming Kartoon Channel.

The new series will have 12 episodes and feature top Roblox influencers. The show will launch in June.

“At Kartoon Channel! we pride ourselves on delivering the latest and most innovative content to our viewers,” said Jon Ollwerther, GM of Kartoon Channel! at Genius Brands. “Roblox has become a phenomenon that has captured the attention of children across the globe, and we are thrilled to be working with Tankee to develop and share new episodes in order to meet the growing demand from viewers.”

Genius Brands and Tankee have been working on Roblox-based shows since 2019 including Big B Statz Roblox Challenges and Sally Plays Roblox

“We’ve grown our partnership with Genius Brands over two years and we’re proud to develop our first-ever co-production with Kartoon Channel! for a new Roblox-themed series,” said Tankee founder Gerald Youngblood. “Tankee’s dedication to becoming the top producer of kid safe gaming content came from connecting with my son through gaming and a desire to celebrate gaming content with kids around the world. We weren’t alone and have seen that many kids and families have a huge appetite for Roblox and other family-friendly gaming content.”