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Rivera exits Iraq

Geraldo Rivera is leaving the front lines in Iraq after all.

Fox News Channel said war correspondent Rivera "volunteered" to return to Kuwait
from Iraq, where he had been travelling with the 101st Airborne division.

It is unclear whether military would have required him to leave, but it was
understood that they wished him gone.

Rivera, who was an unofficial embed, came under fire Sunday after possibly
divulging too much information about his unit's location when he drew a map in
the sand live on TV.

Reports said the Pentagon had ordered Rivera out Monday, although initially
he remained in the country.

Cable News Network and MSNBC gave particular attention to the story, reporting that he had been
expelled Monday morning.

But Fox News said late Tuesday that Rivera was leaving his unit "after learning of
concerns that he may have inadvertently violated the rules."

A spokesperson said Fox "believes that Geraldo did not knowingly disregard
the rules of embedment."

He'll now report from Kuwait.