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Rigas defends himself

Despite accusations that his family misused billions of company dollars, Adelphia Communications Corp. founder John J. Rigas contended that he did nothing

"I really believe that what we did was completely acceptable," Rigas told The
Buffalo News
. "We'll go from here, but it is going to be hard. The road will be
very difficult, no question."

Rigas and two of his sons were arrested last week, accused by federal
prosecutors of using the company as "a private piggy bank," skimming huge sums
for their personal benefit.

Rigas slammed prosecutors for arresting him and his sons after they offered
to surrender at law0enforcement agencies' offices.

"Ten minutes to 6 in the morning was that rap on the door with all those
government agents. I went downstairs handcuffed and the reporters were already
there," Rigas told the paper.

"My lawyer is 75 years old and said that this is the first time in his life
in practicing criminal law that he couldn't turn his client in and surrender
him. They refused. They wanted to make a show of it."

Rigas told the newspaper he still believes he will be cleared.

"I still have confidence in the American system," he said. "I really