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Reruns Beat Year-Round

In the competition between the new, year-round programming strategy of airing new episodes of reality series versus the old strategy of re-running popular shows, the reruns won again Monday night.

On a night filled with new episodes of reality shows The Casino (Fox), For Love Or Money (NBC), and Who Wants To Marry My Dad? (NBC), not one of them won their time periods, though NBC had a couple of solid seconds. CBS won the night and two of the three hours of prime time in the key 18-49 demo with repeats of CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond and Two & a Half Men.

While one reality series did win its time period, it was itself a repeat of NBC's workhorse, Fear Factor.

The reality competition is likely to heat up Tuesday night at 8, however, after ABC decided to slate a new Extreme Makeover there against Fox's Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.

The other networks have been giving Fox grief over slating summer knock-offs of competitor's reality shows. Trading Spouses, for instance, is suspicously like ABC's planned Wife Swap.