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Republicans Concerned About CBS Reagan Miniseries

Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie on Friday asked CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves to allow a "team of historians" to review CBS’ upcoming mini-series, The Reagans, for historical accuracy.

"Portrayal of our 40th President and Mrs. Reagan and the Reagan Presidency may not be historically accurate," Gillespie wrote to Moonves a letter stating his concerns about the miniseries.

"A CBS statement describes the series as ‘programming that informs, entertains and hopefully, stirs meaningful discourse,’" Gillespie added. "But if your series contains omissions, exaggerations, distortions or scenes that are fiction masquerading as fact, the American people may come away with a misunderstanding of the Reagans and the Reagan Administrations."

If CBS refuses to allow the program to be reviewed by historians, Gillespie wants the network to run a crawl every ten minutes informing viewers that the program "is a fictional portrayal of the Reagans and the Reagan Presidency, and they should not consider it to be historically accurate."

Neither a CBS spokesman nor a Republican spokesman were available for comment late Friday.