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Report: NBC Owned Stations Launching Retro Subchannel

The NBC Owned Stations will launch a Me-TV-style classic
hits subchannel called Cozi TV, according to Time Out Chicago, early in 2013.

An NBC spokesperson did not confirm the report.

According to Time Out
's Robert Feder, the daily schedule features Lassie, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger and The Virginian. Movies air in the afternoons, followed by comedies
such as Ozzie & Harriet, then
dramas such as Charlie's Angels and The Six Million Dollar Man in prime.

Weigel's Me-TV and Tribune's Antenna TV, also featuring old
programs targeted to baby boomers, have been adding partner stations at a
healthy clip.

Cozi TV will replace the NBC-owned
stations' digital network Nonstop. Nonstop debuted in New York in March 2009.