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Report: Mobile TV Revenue Outlook Lower

Free mobile broadcast TV services will take a bite out of consumer spending on mobile TV service, though revenues from dedicated mobile TV are still predicted to reach $2.7 billion in revenues by 2013.

That is according to a report from Juniper Research.

"The increasing availability of mobile handsets capable of receiving free-to-air analogue and digital terrestrial TV signals will adversely impact the prospects for dedicated mobile broadcast TV networks," the report concludes, saying the $2.7 billion figure is "markedly lower" than previous estimates.

In outlining the findings, the report says that a mass market for receivers capable of receiving free terrestrial TV "throws into question the business case for the deployment of a dedicated network in many markets." pointing to the rapid deployment of free-to-air mobile services in China and Japan.

But the report also sees an opportunity for streamed VOD mobile services to complement broadcasters in markets where their service is confined to their primary terrestrial signal.

The U.S. is predicted to be the biggest market in terms of potential revenues, with South Korea second and China third.

The Juniper report is based on interviews with mobile TV executives and case studies.