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Rentrak Signs Up 200th Station With KLAS

Rentrak has signed up its 200th station for its StationView
Essentials ratings service, as Landmark Media-owned KLAS Las Vegas came on
board. KLAS is the ratings and revenue leader in DMA No. 40.

Across town, NBC affiliate KSNV signed on with Rentrak
Oct. 1, after its Nielsen contract expired. Most Rentrak clients in local TV
continue to receive Nielsen ratings.

KLAS is in the midst of a multi-year contract with Nielsen; Emily Neilson, president and general manager of KLAS, described Rentrak as a "supporting service" to Nielsen. "Rentrak provides a bigger picture of our viewers and
their buying habits. With this information, we can help our clients maximize
their marketing dollars with more precise targeting," said Neilson.

StationView Essentials incorporates ratings information from
over 20 million televisions, including those hooked up to satellite, telco and

"As the 200th station to subscribe to Rentrak, the
signing of KLAS marks a major achievement for the Rentrak's local currency
adoption," said Cathy Hetzel, corporate president and president of
advanced media and information at Rentrak.