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Renamed Connekt Technologies Adds Senior Sales Executive

Connekt said that it is rebranding itself as Connekt Technologies and has hired former Hulu and Conde Nast executive Steve DeMain as senior VP, national sales and TV partnerships.

The company said its new name reflects how the company is employing artificial intelligence-driven technologies to deliver smart ads, content and interactive and engaging experiences on linear TV via smart sets.

Connekt Technologies also provides proprietary data to advertisers, agencies and networks.

“With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video impacting the way consumers watch TV, there is a massive opportunity for  marketers to disrupt TV advertising,” said Tripp Boyle, senior VP of Connekt Technologies. “Our solutions bring all of the benefits of digital to linear TV -- data, addressability and real-time performance insights, which are incredibly valuable assets to have in this ecosystem. Our AI-driven platform is also helping brands have accountability in the $70 billion TV advertising market.”

With smart TV penetration growing and demand for targeted and addressable advertising growing, Connekt Technologies added DeMain to its executive ranks. DeMain will be responsible for leading agency relationships and for building partnerships with other companies in the TV ecosystem.

DeMain previously had been VP, video revenue at Conde Nast. He was one of the first sales people at Hulu.

“Connekt Technologies is at the forefront of TV advertising technology,” said DeMain. “The company’s solutions are uniquely positioned to make linear TV investments more targeted, engaging, transactional and measurable.”

In particular, Connekt Technologies has been building up its measurement capabilities, which draw on data from millions of devices in close to real time. The data can inform clients about who clicked and where and when they clicked, provide insights about demographics, networks and programs and how long people watched each individual ad.

Connekt has worked with LG, Sony, Nielsen, ABC and five of the top media agency holding companies.

The company teamed up with Chipotle on a campaign to get people to download the restaurant chain’s app that combined linear TV with smart-home connectivity, enabling consumers to engage with a live, linear TV ad without relying on a remote control.