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Reality is: Youth sick of reality

Market research firm Bolt Inc. said 13- through 24-year-olds are getting sick
of reality TV, according to a survey the firm recently conducted.

Bolt said 68 percent of those surveyed said they are tiring of reality
programs, while 63 percent said they realize reality TV isn't too real.

Still, 91 percent said they plan to watch the return of Fox's American
Idol: Search for a Superstar
next year, and 50 percent said they expect to watch even more reality
TV next year than they do now.

MTV: Music Television's The Osbournes is the favorite reality show of this audience,
Bolt said, followed by Idol, MTV's Real World and NBC's Fear

The survey also found that 80 percent of this group is online while watching
television, creating a sort of "water-cooler conversation" while the show is
going on.

It also found that this age group prefers sitcoms over all other TV
programming, with 72 percent watching two or more per week, including shows in