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Real Men Shop at Shop At Home

Real Men may not shop, per se, but Jewelry Television is discovering that guys into collectible coins, watches, knives—and swords—are making a nice business for its brother network Shop At Home, the money-losing channel it bought from Scripps earlier this year.

Starting next month, Jewelry, which will post $425 million in sales this year, will launch an awareness campaign to tell viewers—and cable operators—it’s going after guys on Shop At Home.

Shop At Home was going to be folded by Scripps, which lost a reported
$84 million after acquiring majority interest in it in 2004.

Executives of privately held Jewelry, based in Knoxville, Tenn., visited Nashville-based Shop At Home just to pick at the bones, like backup call centers and other technical equipment.

But the more they looked, they realized "they had some things that were working, particularly things targeting men, and particularly in the late-night hours," says Shop At Home CEO Joe Fields.

He adds that men often drop hundreds of dollars on rare coins or classic knives.

The reconstituted Shop At Home now aims to be mainly an 8 p.m-8 a.m proposition; cable operators can use the other hours for whatever programming they want.

Says Fields, "We just got through our first quarter and actually made money."