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RCN Offers Hispanic Tier

Cable operator RCN Tuesday outlined its plans for a Hispanic-themed take on a la carte programming.

It will offer subscribers a 30-channel Hispanic tier of service, or combine the channels into four programming packages grouped by lifestyle and travel, sports, family and children’s, and country of origin.

The tier launches Sept. 1 in the Boston, Chicago, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington markets. RCN plans to roll out other, internationally themed, tiers and packages.

Washington, particularly FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Arizona Senator John McCain have been encouraging, or in McCain's case, loudly calling for, operators to offer family tiers and a la carte offerings, mostly tied to parental control of indecent content and reining in cable bills.

That is by way of preamble to the following from RCN SVP Richard Ramlall: “This new offering also represents RCN’s commitment to address the goals announced by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Senator John McCain by giving our cable subscribers additional choice in the programming they purchase.”