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Raymond Runner: Show’s Future Undecided

There has been no decision yet on the fate of CBS’ Everybody Loves Raymond, according to creator and executive producer Phil Rosenthal.

"We’ve done almost 200 shows," Rosenthal told a National Association of Television Programming Executives audience. "It’s hard to come up with stories -- 90% of what you see on Raymond happened to me or to [star] Raymond [Romano]."

Rosenthal said he’s involved in every script and writes a few scripts each year on his own. He purposely leaves out topical references to keep the show fresh and relevant in syndication.

"You have only one shot at this, so you may as well go for the long-term value," he added. "I think these clips will still have value in 30, 40, 50 years, and it was designed that way from the beginning."

Rosenthal said the decision to come back hinges neither on money nor on concerns that the end of the show would be overshadowed by the finales of long-running NBC hits Friends and Frasier.

"I don't care about the end of those shows because we're always going to be on in syndication," he added. "People will always be able to watch this show."