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Raycom Launches National Investigative Unit

Raycom Media Tuesday launched a national investigative unit, which will be lead by longtime investigative reporter Lee Zurik from WVUE New Orleans, the Fox affiliate Raycom runs for Louisiana Media Company.

The unit will produce investigative reports focusing on the local impact of national issues. They will be produced in partnership with Raycom’s local I-teams.

“We are going to make a difference in our communities,” Zurik said. “We will be taking subjects outside of the ‘beltway of Washington’ mentality of the national news networks and answering the viewers’ biggest concern: how does this affect me and my family here in Cleveland, Baton Rouge, Cape Girardeau or Charleston?”

Raycom said it is putting resources in place that will allow the unit to tackle issues such as abuses in government spending, consumer protection, public safety, tax policy, job creation, health care, infrastructure and immigration. Viewers will be able to access investigations in long form documentary style or shorter segments on the breadth of platforms, the company said.

The unit will work with an internal board of directors including reporters, a news director and a general manager from across the group.