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Ratings for Newsmagazines and Talk Shows Off

The summer ratings doldrums were in full effect in the syndication world according to the national household ratings for the week ending August 13.

A combination of broadcast viewership dropping an average 344,000 households on the week and a strong run for cable news outlets in the wake of the foiled London airplane bombing plot sent most syndicated shows to lower ratings.

Five of the top six talk shows were off on the week, with only the genre-leading Oprah seeing a modest 2% gain on the week to a 5.3. Dr. Phil fell 2% to a 4.4, Live with Regis and Kelly dropped 3% to a 3.1, Maury lost 7% to a 2.6 and both Jerry Springer and Montel fell 5% to a 1.8.

Both rookie talkers were flat on the week, Tyra Banks at a 1.4 and Martha at a 1.2.

The story was no better for the access newsmagazines, which all came back to Earth after the Mel Gibson-induced bump a week earlier.All were down, with Entertainment Tonight falling 9% to a 4.2, Inside Edition dropping 11% to a 3.1, The Insider off 4% to a 2.4, Access Hollywood down 5% to a 2.1 and Extra losing 10% to a 1.9.

In court, Judge Judy (4.6), Judge Joe Brown (3.0) and People’s Court (2.7) were all unchanged on the week.Divorce Court fell 8% to a 2.4, Judge Mathis dropped 4% to a 2.2 and rookie Judge Alex lost 5% to a 1.9.

The only favorable outcome was for Judge Hatchett, which bounced back 13% from a season low last week to a 1.8 average.

In game shows, Wheel of Fortune was off 1% to a 7.0, Jeopardy! was even for the week at a 5.4, Who wants to be aMillionaire dropped 9% to a 2.9 and Family Feud held steady at a 2.2.