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Rally footage suppressed by threats

Associated Press has not released video of a Palestinian rally celebrating
the terrorist attacks on the United States this week, after the news
organization's freelance cameraman said he was threatened by an an
armed militia group associated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah group.

has distributed still pictures and video of similar rallies in east Jerusalem - although AP says a still photographer did not take photos after being threatened - but held back on releasing the video, it said, because of the threat and because the cameraman requested that it not be aired.

AP's Jerusalem bureau said there were several official protests against airing the footage, and an Arafat cabinet secretary said that the Palestinian Authority 'cannot guarantee the life' of the cameraman if the footage aired.

AP's bureau chief, Dan Perry, has sought assurances that its journalists will be protected by the Authority.

Meanwhile, rumors circulated over the Internet that the video CNN aired of the Palestinian celebration was actually file footage.

CNN said the footage was shot that day by Reuters.
- Dan Trigoboff