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Rainbow ups two

Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. elevated two veteran executives to take over areas vacated
after 14 staffers were axed in June, including AMC Networks president Kate
McEnroe, for accounting irregularities at AMC Networks over three years. The
company is also consolidating its network structure.

As expected, IFC Cos. president Kathleen Dore is adding AMC and WE:
Women's Entertainment to her watch and is now president of entertainment

But AMC and WE are still without new general managers. Former AMC GM Noreen
O'Loughlin and former WE GM Martin Von Ruden were part of the group fired last

Rainbow also upped Rainbow Sports president Andrea Greenberg to president of
distribution. She'll oversee affiliate sales and marketing for AMC, Fuse, IFC
and WE, as well as the video-on-demand services --
Mag Rack, sportskool, Fuse On-Demand, IFC On Demand and Uncensored On Demand.

Both Dore and Greenberg will report to Rainbow CEO Joshua Sapan.

Dore has been running IFC Cos., which includes The Independent Film Channel and IFC
Entertainment, since 1996. She was also president of Bravo until NBC acquired
the network last December.