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Radio industry considers liquor ads

Liquor ads could potentially bring the radio industry more than $100 million
per year and a number of stations are looking for ways to get a piece of that
action, according to a survey conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau of its

Of those surveyed, the RAB found that 62 percent already accept hard-liquor ads,
but only one-half "actively pursue" such ads.

More than 80 percent said they want to increase their revenue from hard-liquor
ads, although they would do it in several ways besides on-air advertising,
including event sponsorship, Internet sponsorship and other marketing

Of those who do not accept hard-liquor ads, more than one-half said company
policy forbids it.

More than one-quarter of respondents said the ads would upset their "loyal
listeners," or they think airing such ads is illegal, which it is not.