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Quick Turn for Anatomy

Buena Vista Television (BVT) was silent last week, but cable execs say it has added a repurposing window to Grey’s Anatomy that, starting in January, will allow the Touchstone hit drama to run on cable a few days after its ABC run.

Bids for the repurposing and off-net rights for Anatomy closed Friday; BVT is said to have been seeking $2 million per episode under an all-cash, four-year licensing deal—with no cap on the number of seasons.

The syndication deal would start in 2009, with the repurposed episodes obviously airing sooner than that.

Some in cable think the final episodic price will be closer to $700,000 while others estimate that it could end up at more than $1 million.

BVT’s Desperate Housewives recently went to Lifetime for a 2008 start at $500,000 per episode. BVT initially sought $1.2 million for the Marc Cherry hit without a cable repurposing window, which was added later.

The Disney syndicator is looking to target Anatomy at Turner networks or USA, ABC Family and, perhaps, Oxygen; it has also approached cable buyers about acquiring off-network episodes of cancelled ABC sitcom Hope & Faith.