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PTC Takes Aim at TV Ratings and V-Chip Campaign

Look for the Parents Television Council to criticize the industry's TV Boss campaign.

PTC said  it would be releasing a  progress report on "the campaign" Thursday.

The education campaign was launched last August by the TV industry under pressure from Congress. It was spearheaded by former Motion Picture Association of America chief  Jack Valenti, who created the movie ratings system to help stave off content regulation in that industry.

PTC said it would hold a press conference Thursday to report on the progress of the education campaign based on two Zogby polls it commissioned. While it did not characterize the results, PTC has been critical of the campaign in the past and a source with knowledge of the polls suggested it would be "a very long day" for campaign backers.

Facing mounting congressional criticism of content, the TV industry decided it needed to better promote the V-chip ratings system it argues is a better parental control device than an FCC content crackdown.

Former Senate Commerce Committee chairman, and now vice chairman, Ted Stevens

gave a shout out to the campaign

in September.