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PTC Rails at Reality

According to a Parents Television Council content analysis of 114.5 hours of reality TV, the f-words and s-words are flying fast and furious in TV's version of real life.

The group said it counted 199 bleeped f-words and 76 bleeped s-words in 29 series from seven networks (it studied the first four episodes of the series from June 2002 to August 2003). That total constituted a 273% increase in swearing over their 2002 reality study.

PTC, which doesn't like the trend, said there were 14.5 instances of offensive conduct per hour on the broadcast networks (defined as sex, violence and foul language), up 52.6% from 2002.

CBS' Big Brother 4 (41.8 instances of "objectionable" content per hour) and WB's The Surreal Life (37.5) led the list.

Across the entire reality slate, The WB was tops with an average of 25.4 per hour. A WB spokesman had not yet seen the report and declined comment.

PTC advises networks, advertisers and the FCC to do more to "clean up" reality TV.