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Promotional Stream

You’d think the last thing a network wants is to see its brand identity in the toilet. Not so for MavTV.

In perhaps the oddest marketing stunt at the National Show, the startup network that bills itself as "TV created by men for men" placed promotional urinal pucks (ladies, don’t ask) in the urinals of all the men’s rooms at the convention center.

As if that weren’t enough, whenever a man relieved himself, a tinkle-triggered device would let out a
mocking laugh, setting up the joke in the slogan "Watch MavTV, a man-sized network."

What looked to be an example of guerilla marketing, however, was anything but. The network—formed by former Showtime executives—approached the NCTA with the idea several weeks ago and secured

Calculating a price wasn’t simple. The association has established prices for many promotional perks: suites, signage on the floor, sponsorship of specific sessions and parties.

But how much do you have to pay to have your brand urinated on? The association’s price: $5,000.

Needless to say, this was one tchotchke we declined to bring home.