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PROMAX/BDA: Mumbai Show Will Go On

PROMAX/BDA President Jim Chabin says the annual Asia conference this week in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) will go on despite the terrorist bombings there.

Chabin, saying that all attendees and speakers were unharmed, said in a statement:

"As you may know I was President of the Television Academy the week of 9-11 and, as at that time, the decision has been made by our local committee that we will not let the terrorist attacks halt our event." The Emmys did go on as well, though they were delayed for several weeks.
"We will proceed with concluding our conference today and thank you for all of our inquiries," Chabin said. "All here are safe and spirits are “determined” to move forward."

The conference, hosting about 450 people at the Hyatt regency there, got underway Tuesday, the same day trains were bombed, killing more than a 170 people, according to reports.