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PROMAX convention reflects economy

PROMAX/BDA -- the convention where promotions and on-air graphics and music
professionals meet to dissect hype and probe the nuances of branding -- was a much
changed show this week in Los Angeles, reshaped by a tight economy and industry

Although final figures weren't available, about 3,500 attended, down from some
4,200 a year ago.

There were about 70 exhibitors, down from 100 or so in 2001.

The organization brought out some heavyweights, for sure, including Jamie
Kellner, chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc., who received
Broadcasting & Cable's "Innovator of the Year Award" for a career that
includes building Fox and The WB Television Network.

Kellner recalled that when he helped to start the Fox network in 1986, "Our instinct
was to join the other big-network club and look and act just like them."

It was
only after outside marketers convinced Kellner and others to differentiate
themselves that the network made its mark, particularly with younger viewers.
"When they saw the Fox logo," he said, "they didn't want to see an NBC-style