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Program Partners Renews Syndie Crime Franchises

Program Partners renewed all three of its crime drams -- Da Vinci’s Inquest, Cold Squad and ReGenesis -- for seasons four, three and two, respectively, the syndicator said Monday.

Program Partners imports all three shows from Canada. Stations clear Da Vinci’s Inquest in its own time slots across the country, while Cold Squad and ReGenesis run as the “Crime Watch” network, so that any national advertisements bought run in either or both shows wherever they air.

Da Vinci’s Inquest is produced by Haddock Entertainment and Barna-Apler Productions and stars Nicholas Campbell as a controversial coroner.

Cold Squad, similar to CBS’ Cold Case, stars Julie Stewart as Sgt. Ali McCormick, an investigator who works on solving long-forgotten cases.

And ReGenesis, produced out of Vancouver, stars Peter Outerbridge as a molecular biologist who takes on globe-threatening cases involving bio-terrorism or new strains of disease.