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Pritchard expands study for FCC

Broadcasters and newspaper groups might take heart from one of the studies
underway to help the Federal Communications Commission write new ownership

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor David Pritchard, author of an
earlier study examining newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership in Milwaukee, Dallas
and Chicago, is conducting an expanded version of that report for the FCC.

The earlier report concluded that newspaper cross-ownership restrictions have
"outlived [their] usefulness," but the FCC's Paul Gallant, who is shepherding
the ownership studies, said Pritchard's latest effort carries no preconceived

"His methodology seems fair and rigorous," Gallant said. "We want to find out
if it holds up over a larger sample."

Indeed, Pritchard has not been afraid to take the media to task. His book,
Holding the Media Accountable, examines questionable practices by news