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Prison Break Gets Early Return

Fox may be about to grant Prison Break a reprieve from the five-month hiatus to which the show was originally sentenced. The original plan was to air the 13th Prison Break episode this week, then complete the season with a back-nine run beginning in May. But executive producer Paul Scheuring says the network is considering bringing the freshman jailhouse hit back as soon as January.

"It's totally up in the air. We may come back in January, February or May,” he says. “I think we're all going to find out in the next few days."

Should the show get the early call after the new year, Scheuring and his staff will be prepared, as they're well into the next slate of episodes: No. 16 will wrap by Christmas. He says the writing is nearly completed for the entire season, with the season finale scheduled to shoot the first week of March. Last week, the show ranked third among adults 18-49 in its 9-10 p.m. ET time slot but first in adults 18-34.

"We'd obviously prefer not to have the break because this is a sequential narrative,” Scheuring says. “What happens between the end of episode 13 and the beginning of 14 is essentially real time, so coming back from a five-month break like one minute later in story time would be a little strange.