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Primetime Ratings: CBS Laughers Tops on Monday

With Two and a Half Men leading the way, CBS' comedy shows topped the primetime race, beating out Fox's House and 24 by just 0.1 ratings points.

Fox took the lead in the opening hour with a 4.5/12 for House while ABC was second at 4.1/11 for Dancing With the Stars. Dancing attracted the most hourly viewers on the night with 18.4 million. The Big Bang Theory (3.8/11) and How I Met Your Mother (4.0/11) finished with a cumulative 3.9/11. NBC was fourth with Chuck delivering a 2.3/6. The CW finished fifth at 0.4/1.

CBS leapt up into first at 9 p.m. with Two and a Half Men earning the highest half-hour rating on the night at 5.2/13. Rules of Engagement earned a 4.0/10 in the 9:30 half-hour, giving CBS a 4.6/11 for the hour. ABC finished second with the last half-hour of Dancing With the Stars delivering a 5.0/12 and the comedy Surviving Suburbia pulling a 2.8/7 for a total 3.9/10. The network was first in total viewers on the hour at 15.6 million. Fox finished third at 3.6/9 for 24. NBC's Heroes was next at 3.2/8, followed by The CW at 0.4/1 for a re-run of One Tree Hill.

CBS stayed in first at 10 p.m. with CSI: Miami delivering a 3.8/10 and 13.3 million viewers. NBC's Medium was next at 2.7/7. Castle on ABC finished third at 2.0/5.

Overall CBS topped the night at 4.1/11. Fox was just behind at 4.0/10. ABC finished third (3.4/9) but first in total viewers with 13.9 million. NBC was next at 2.7/7. The CW finished fifth with a 0.4/1.