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'Prehistoric Road Trip' on PBS June 17

PBS's "Prehistoric Road Trip"
(Image credit: PBS)

PBS will premiere its series Prehistoric Road Trip Wednesday, June 17 at 10 p.m. The three part series will take viewers across the Midwest to some of the most active fossil sites in the country. Emily Graslie hosts and guides.

Graslie will be visiting sites in Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Wyoming and working with the professionals, learning about North America's dinosaur period. She'll uncover fossils of plants, mammoths, early mammals and others. The show was filmed using state of the art drone technology and using illustrative graphics to bring the fossils to life.

“I am thrilled that I get to share my love of nature, history, paleontology, and – in general – really old, really dead stuff with the PBS audience,” said Graslie. “And this is an incredible opportunity for me to revisit my home state of South Dakota, where I grew up exploring the great outdoors as a kid.”

Graslie is the executive producer, host and writer for the series. She is the chief curiosity correspondent for the Chicago Field Museum and has her own YouTube channel, The Brain Scoop, which has half a million subscribers.

Prehistoric Road Trip is produced by WTTW Chicago and directed by Ally Gimbel. Geoffrey Baer and Gimbel are executive producers for WTTW Chicago with Erin O'Flaherty as executive in charge for PBS.

Major funding for Prehistoric Road Trip is provided by The Negaunee Foundation as well as The Grainger Foundation, The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation, PBS, and WTTW donors and members.