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Powell explains faith in broad deregulation

Without specifically mentioning the issue newspaper owners care most about --
letting them own local combinations with broadcast stations -- Federal Communications
Commission chairman Michael Powell Monday implied that such a deregulatory move and
others are a necessity in today's digitizing media world.

"We are seeing a world emerging of spider pipes -- multiple routes into the
home, all connecting to the Web," he told the Newspaper Association of America.
"We already see cable modem, DSL [digital subscriber line], power-line, 3G [third-generation] wireless technology, WiFi
networks, satellite-broadband and fiber-to-the-home networks."

He continued, "More arrive each day and are showing us the potential for smashing another
central pillar of yesterday's narrow-minded model."

Powell added, "Competition will finally be transformed into a meaningful concept, rather
than a moniker for the old ideologies."