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Portland Fox Affiliate At Odds With Internet TV Startup Skitter

Internet TV startup Skitter -- which has launched a subscription service in Portland, Ore., offering 10 local TV channels streamed over broadband -- does not have permission to carry the signal of KPTV, the Fox affiliate in the market, station general manager Patrick McCreery said. But Skitter says it's operating within the letter of the law.

"We don't have a retransmission agreement in place with that company," McCreery said. "Frankly there's quite a bit of confusion about what they intend to do."

Skitter president and co-founder Bob Saunders, reached late Wednesday, said his company contacted KPTV to request service but did not receive a response after 30 days -- so Skitter picked up the station under FCC "must carry" rules for no payment.

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