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Polls examine changes since Sept. 11

A nationwide survey conducted by Initiative Media Worldwide concluded that
most Americans are less interested in reality shows like Survivor and
game shows like Who Wants to Be aMillionaire and TheWeakest Link than they were prior to Sept. 11.

Also, the Initiative survey and a separate poll by Knowledge
Networks/Statistical Research Inc. showed that TV ads with patriotic themes are
a hit with consumers.

The Initiative survey, conducted Oct. 11, reported that 83 percent of those
polled said they were less interested in reality shows like Survivor.

Interestingly, the same day the survey was taken (of 500 adult viewers via
the Internet), Survivor kicked off its new season with Survivor:
and attracted 23.7 million viewers. It was the second-highest-rated
show of the week, behind Friends.

Still, almost 6 million fewer people tuned into Survivor last week
than when the show debuted in its Thursday 8 p.m. time slot in January.

The Initiative poll also revealed that 84 percent of those surveyed believe
some news reports should be 'filtered' for reasons of national security. But 80
percent said they thought the media has done a 'thorough' job covering the
terrorist-strike story so far.

The Knowledge/SRI poll reported that 50 percent of those surveyed believe
such ads with patriotic themes 'should become a way of life.' And 50 percent
said they'd like to see more ad campaigns that pay tribute to U.S. heroes.

The Initiative survey also found that 50 percent of the respondents liked the
patriotic ads.

The Knowledge/SRI survey (conducted Oct. 5 through 8 via a national panel of
487 Web-enabled homes) reported that 63 percent of respondents said they were
now watching the same amount of TV as they did before the attacks, while 21
percent reported watching more TV and 16 percent said they're watching less.

And 68 percent said they thought they were seeing the same amount of
advertising as before Sept. 11.