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Poll: Less Than Half of Americans Learned of Aurora Shootings on TV

Fully 56% of Americans first heard of the July 20 mass murders in Aurora, Colo., from a source other than television, though TV led the media pack in terms of informing people of the theater tragedy.

Some 44% first heard of the shootings on TV, according to a new study from consulting firm CJ&N, ahead of the Internet (14%), radio (13%), Facebook (5%) and Twitter (2%).

"The findings point to a dramatic shift in how people get news and information, especially younger adults," said Mary Beth Marks, Ph.D., and vice president of research at CJ&N. "It shows how news content providers across the country must work to serve changing consumer habits, particularly when it comes to younger information consumers."

Indeed, only 21% of adults 18-24 in the survey learned of the shootings on television. That's just ahead of word of mouth and Facebook, both 18%.

CJ&N conducted a telephone survey of 500 U.S. adults July 21-22.