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Police Talk Distraught Man off TV Tower

Tyler, Texas police were able to talk a presumably suicidal man down from the KYTX transmission tower the evening of May 8. The man, identified as Claude Allen Lacy on the KYTX website, was upset about the death of his wife years before. He was on the tower for around three hours before Tyler Police Department negotiators were able to talk him down, using a fire truck ladder to get him on safe ground.

KYTX is a CBS affiliate in DMA No. 107. London Broadcasting owns the station. Employees at the station called the police around 4 p.m. when they saw the man climb the fence and go 50-60 feet up the tower, before descending to a spot around 25 feet off the ground.

Lacy's wife died at 26 in 2006 and, according to, her family blamed Lacy for her death and shut him out of the funeral proceedings.

Lacy was sent for an evaluation at a local hospital.