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Pol pans WTMJ-TV pastry piece

A prosecutor investigating a report on WTMJ-TV Milwaukee about a bingo party
at a facility for the mentally disabled that may have included votes paid for
with quarters and pastries said no charges would be filed.

Special prosecutor Ted Kmiec III said he found no evidence of impropriety
that would likely lead to a conviction. Democrat candidate Jim Doyle -- who won
the governorship last week -- took the absence of charges as exoneration and the
station and his opponents were chided for what Doyle's campaign called false
accusations, even suggesting that reporter Scott Friedman had tried to pin a negative
story on the Doyle campaign.

Friedman called such accusations "outrageous and absolutely wrong," adding:
"We don't operate that way."

The station continued to stand by the story, and it expressed disappointment
"that both gubernatorial campaigns seem to be trying to draw this television
station into their political exchange."