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Pinnacle details Internet strategy

Pinnacle Systems detailed its Internet strategy last week, in features of its iCreate, iStore, iStream, and iView products. "Each of our product families is transforming to add Web capability," says Ajay Chopra, chairman of the board, vice president and general manager, Desktop Products. "Users will be able to take their material from camcorders, produce with them, and stream directly to the Web."

On the iCreate side, Pinnacle's nonlinear editing product can embed interfaces for any streaming format; iStore will build on the iThunder server, which can already stream video simultaneously to the Web and to air.

"We'll also be adding that capability to the MediaStream server line we acquired from Hewlett-Packard, using our StreamFactory product," Chopra says.

The iStream products are built around the StreamGenie, which will begin shipping in June. The iView products are built around the PC tuner card franchise with the introduction of its Web-text feature.

Pinnacle Systems has also entered into a relationship with WaveExpress to enable data encoded by broadcasters to be decoded by Pinnacle Systems' PCTV cards using WaveExpress technology.