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Philly paper pulls station send-up

Philadelphia's ceased
publishing online fictional series The Transit of Venus Thursday, it
said, after being threatened with a lawsuit from Fox-owned WTXF-TV
Philadelphia. said it was not its intention to suggest 'any factual
occurrences or Fox employees, but Fox expressed concern that other local media
had reported on apparent parallels between the series and certain personnel at
[the station] and indicated that it was prepared to pursue litigation. Not
wanting to engage in a costly and time-consuming legal battle with a media giant
over a work of fiction, CityPaper opted to end the series and to remove
previously published chapters from its Web site.'

Fox officials had no comment.

The Philadelphia Daily News said last week that the story, 'billed as
fiction and set at Rex TV's Channel 27 in Philadelphia, is believed by many to
be a rewrite of actual events at Fox's Channel 29.'