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Pew Survey: Almost Everyone Had Heard About DTV Transition Date

On the same day Congress voted to move the analog cut-off date from to June 12, the Pew Research Center's weekly survey of news consumers found that almost everybody had heard at least something about the former Feb. 17 date.

According to that survey, 97% of respondents had heard at least a little about the the analog cut-off, and 81% said they had heard a lot. Only 3% knew nothing about the switch to digital.

One of the reasons given for the date change was insufficient education, though industry and government have invested an esimated $1 billion to inform the public about the date. But the key reason was a delay in distributing government subsidies for converter boxes to allow analog-only sets to continue to recieve TV signals after the transition.

According to the Pew survey, 77% of households say the switch will not affect TVs they use in their households, with higher income households less likely to think the conversion will affect them than lower income households.

ew conducted the phone survey with 1,000 adults 18-plus.