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Petition Seeks a More Diverse 'Bachelor'

(Image credit: Bachelor Diversity Campaign)

At press time there were over 75,000 signatures on a petition to add more diversity to the ABC Bachelor franchise.

The goal is 150,000 signatures, according to the site.

The campaign was started by the Bachelor Diversity Campaign.

Their beef with the beefcake is that there have been 40 bachelors, but only one of them has been black.

It says that it is time for ABC and producer Warner Bros. to use The Bachelor platform to diversify the stories of families and relationships.

The petition has a baker's dozen asks, including adding a black bachelor for season 25, then cast a black indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) lead in at least 35% of the shows going forward, and diversity behind the camera as well as in front of it.  

It also asks the folks signing the pledge to promise to show "zero tolerance" for racism "online, offline, and everywhere."