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Peter Pan Story Getting The Syfy Treatment

The Peter Pan story is getting the Syfy treatment with UCP producing a show about a group of misfit children who refused to grow up.

Brian McCauley Johnson is writing and producing The League of Pan, which is described as a limited series.

The League of Pan picks up Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and the Lost Boys after 10 years on the mainland. Now older and no longer together, they group has to be united to face a new threat to Neverland.

“The stories of Peter Pan, The Lost Boys and the Darlings have provided us with epic tales of gallantries and escapism for generations,” said Bill McGoldrick, president, original content, NBCUniversal Entertainment Networks and Direct-to-Consumer. “Now, Syfy is developing an original take on the classic, setting the limited series in uncharted lands, making for new adventures and showcasing these characters like you’ve never seen them before.”