Pennsylvania, Texas Congressional Races Fuel Ad Spends

TV stations in Pennsylvania and Texas are reaping the rewards of contentious congressional races.

In Pennsylvania, the neck-and-neck U.S. Senate race between Republican incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty has flooded TV with spots on everything from abortion to Iran, according to the Associated Press.

With 11 weeks to go until Election Day, six different groups, including Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, started airing ads this month alone. A labor union, Planned Parenthood and a Democratic PAC are among the others.

Spending in the race, which could determine control of the senate, has topped $50 million, the AP reported.

Meantime, San Antonio, Texas broadcasters are about to get a windfall from outside groups supporting U.S. Rep. Will Hurd or former Rep. Pete Gallego in their congressional race.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has reserved $2.1 million in ad time in support of Hurd starting in late September, according to the San Antonio Express-News. The Hurd campaign also has $1.6 million worth of ads planned, the report said.  

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reportedly reserved $1.16 million in airtime. In May, a Democratic PAC reported buying $852,000 worth of ad time in the San Antonio DMA.