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Peacock as Personal Trainer

NBC has begun casting for its new unscripted show, The Biggest Loser,in which eight severely overweight people will try to lose as much weight as possible without undergoing plastic surgery (ABC and Fox have makeover shows in which plastic surgery figures prominently).

"This challenging new drama offers a strong emotional attachment for viewers who can follow people trying to change their lives and re-shape their lifestyles," said Jeff Gaspin, president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment. "But the quest and final results will be entirely up to the people who can benefit most - the participants."

During the show, the participants will learn how to live more healthy lifestyles through better nutrition, eating habits and exercise.

Daytime TV already has run this concept to great success. At the beginning of the season Dr. Phil unveiled a book, The Ultimate Weight-Loss Challenge, and then invited 16 people to use the book's principles to lose weight. On Monday, Dr. Phil's challenge came to an emotional end, with the biggest losers becoming the biggest winners.

The concept has drawn high ratings all year for Dr. Phil and the book became a best-seller. The Biggest Loser is a production of Reveille, NBC Universal Television and 3 Ball Productions.