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Pax Picks Jr. Hits

Twinkle, twinkle, little future star, Pax wonders where you are.

America's Most Talented Kids, Pax TV's pint-sized version of American Idol, is holding talent searches in Los Angeles (July 17), Boston (July 19) and Detroit (July 24).

The auditions are open to kids 3 to 15. Three contestants from each city will be chosen to compete on the series, which launches in October.

Each show will feature seven kids performing for three celebrity judges. So, will there be a Jr. version of Simon to destroy little psyches? Not likely. Pax TV describes the performance as a chance for  "performers and their parents to learn that doing your best is reward in and of itself."

The series is from Mindless Entertainment, executive produced by Stuart Krasnow (Average Joe,Weakest Link), Mark Cronin (Singled Out, The Surreal Life) and Peter Johansen (Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Rosie O'Donnell Show).