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Pax, NBC share and share alike

Paxson President Jeff Sagansky said yesterday that Pax TV is planning a second series designed to share a broadcast window with NBC.

Pax earlier unveiled the first such joint effort, Mysterious Ways (described as a cross between Touched by an Angel and X-Files), which will air on NBC (which owns a one-third stake in Pax) starting this Monday, before shifting to Tuesdays on the Pax TV, starting Aug. 22.

While declining to provide details of the new project, Sagansky said the show will likely be a half-hour and also suggested it wouldn't be the last such effort.

Although NBC "has to push the envelope to go after upscale urban audiences," said Sagansky, "occasionally, shows will cross over that we can use."

Responding to suggestions that the fledgling Pax is in financial trouble, Sagansky said, "we have broken even for the past two seasons. That's more than you can say for WB and UPN."