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Pauley Down On Day Two

Day two of NBC Universal's new syndicated talker, The Jane Pauley Show, saw a 21% decline in rating, from a 2.4/7 to a 1.9/6 in overnight Nielsen numbers in 55 metered markets (Fort Myers is still a no-show, most likely thanks to hurricane Charley). Still, NBC U was pointing to some local market gains.

On Tuesday, the show was down 24% from its average lead-in (a 2.5/8) and down 17% from its year-ago time period average (2.3/7) in September 2003.

The story in the top three markets: In New York, the show was down 33% from a 2.1/6 Monday to a 1.4/4 Tuesday on WNBC-TV at 11 a.m.. In L.A., on KNBC-TV at 10 a.m., it was up a tick from a 1.0/3 to a 1.1/4. In Chicago, on WMAQ-TV at noon, it dropped 40% from a 2.0/6 to a 1.2/3 on Tuesday.

There were some large market-early success stories as, well, says NBC U, pointing to a number of time period or lead-in improvements including on WCVB Boston (2.1/9), WXYZ Detroit (3.7/11) and Seattle (2.9/8).