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Parsons delivers NAB keynote

In a National Association of Broadcasters keynote speech as broad-ranging as the company he runs, Richard Parsons, CEO-designate for AOL Time Warner Inc., said Monday that the digital future is
filled with opportunities like interactive TV and video-on-demand, and with dangers
like digital piracy and ad stripping from personal video recorders.

"Our challenge as an industry will be to anticipate, react to and shape the
way new methods of distributing content affect our business," he

Parsons, who replaces the retiring Gerald Levin in a matter of weeks, said:
"No matter how digitized content becomes, or how earth-shattering convergence
turns out to be, the power and glory of the entertainment industry will always
depend on product, on content. In case I am not stating the point with
sufficient clarity, this is all by way of saying that going forward, people, not
technlology, will continue to be what counts most."