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Panasonic develops VSB LSI circuit

Panasonic Consumer Electronics parent Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
has developed a single-chip vestigial-sideband digital-demodulation LSI
(large-scale integrated) circuit that addresses multipath and other indoor
reception issues in digital-television receivers that have plagued previous
generations of such chips.

Currently available for testing, the chip is said to minimize both dynamic
and static multipath interference with 100 times the effectiveness of previous
Panasonic offerings.

The company also said that compared with its previous LSIs, the new chip
takes up just one-fourth of the mounting area, and it can be produced for only
one-third the cost.

The new LSI incorporates an algorithm specially designed by Panasonic that
quickly adapts to the multipath interference present in an input signal. This
reduction of multipath interference is crucial to boosting the performance of
indoor-antenna reception.

The new chip will be integrated into Panasonic's new lineup of
high-definition-television and digital-TV models by the end of this